Voices campaign

A global employee engagement survey

For a number of years now UCB organizes a global employee engagement survey, called UCB Voices. Although the response rate was already quite high (84% in 2014), UCB approached Vintage to come up with a concept which would urge even more employees to participate.

The campaign target was to generate more involvement and create a positive employee perception. With this in mind, Vintage set out to find an original and striking concept.

In your face…

Focusing on the human aspect of this internal survey and the fact that employees can give their personal opinions on a number of topics, Vintage proposed to work with photographs of mouths, together with the headline ‘Speak your mind, we’re all ears’. The posters and banners which were created featured a series of mouths, ready to speak. Also the other accompanying tools (stickers, coasters, placemats etc.) showed the same message, inciting employees to participate in the survey and ‘speak their minds’.

The concept proved to be fresh and colorful and was very direct using an ‘in your face’ approach. And it worked! The response rate of the survey increased to a stunning 90% in 2015! A lot of positive involvement was generated and valuable feedback was obtained.

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