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Virtual Showroom

Showcase technologies & experiences

Daikin Europe, with headquarters in Ostend, Belgium, develops and produces qualitative and complete climate solutions. The company provides its customers with sustainable solutions for comfortable indoor climates. Their headquarters feature a 450 m² physical showroom to which Daikin invites prospects and clients in search of the perfect fit. It is also used to showcase the latest innovations and technologies and features a number of hands-on experiences including Augmented Reality.


Already beginning 2020 Daikin was looking to virtualize the physical showroom and also bring it to life online. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March the showroom closed its doors and as remote working and remote selling became a standard, Daikin saw the need for a digital alternative even more. Physical visits are no longer possible yet the need to stay in close contact with the audience is crucial. With that challenge in mind, Daikin contacted Vintage Productions. And of course we happily took on the challenge!

Walk around in virtual showroom

Taking this opportunity to show our long standing 3D skills, Vintage created a complete virtual copy of the real-life showroom, including all products, panels, screens and even a sensory experience. Visitors can “walk around” in the virtual showroom, looking at CGI versions of practically every product Daikin has to offer.

Using a small menu panel, they can navigate directly to the applications that are relevant for them. Information about every product can be consulted by clicking on the information buttons. These detail pages feature info about benefits, specs, images and links to datasheets. Interesting to know: this information comes directly from Daikin’s own database. This means no extra system has to be kept up to date, but all is run via a single source. The same goes for the translations: the product info is available in 30 languages and as such always up to date.

The showroom also features several video screens and interactive tables – and they are not just meant as decoration. In the virtual showroom the presentations and videos can be watched full screen as well.

Another interesting point: a digitally recreated Sound Experience Room. In this room, visitors can compare the sound level of Daikin’s air conditioning systems to several other sounds.

Since it went live in November 2020, we have been following the visitor data very closely. We check which products are most and least popular, we see which information is clicked on and we view the heat map that tracks the visitor’s journey. We use this data to decide which modifications could be useful to further optimise the application and attract new visitors. We release an updated version of the Virtual Showroom every month. For instance, we adapted the layout to open up the areas with the fewest visitors and we updated the floorplan to make it even quicker to navigate. And since we work from a single source, the Virtual Showroom automatically imports the most recent product information from Daikin’s database for each new release.

We could go on for (p)ages about this project, but we can never do the application justice with just words. Are you curious yet? Then VISIT THE SHOWROOM.

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