Atlas Copco

Virtual Reality

The ultimate in interactivity

Always on the forefront of innovation – not only with regards to their own products but also technology wise in general -, Atlas Copco was looking for an interactive way to showcase their newest Smart AIR Solutions in a state-of-the art way. Building on the existing 3D set-up environments, Atlas Copco put Vintage to the challenge of creating a sales supportive tool which could also be used at fairs, events and incorporated the latest high tech innovations.

The VR app

Vintage was more than happy to accept the challenge and build an immersive experience in a dedicated VR app. The outcome is a cross-platform app which can be used on tablets (in ShowPad) and via Samsung Gear goggles. Our VR app goes much further than simply allowing the viewer to see an environment. Different views, interactive information panels and hotspots are included with extra animations supporting the sales story.

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