Tennant Company

Vertical Market App

Innovation for a cleaner world

Tennant Company is a multinational manufacturer of cleaning machines with global operations in several markets. The company aims to lead the industry globally with innovations that help to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world. What better way to display this innovative spirit than with a streamlined interactive sales support tool that can be consulted anytime, anywhere?

3D visualisation and virtual environments

Vintage created an app using 3D visualisation to let users visit virtual environments and buildings representing each market. By navigating around different parts of the site, dealers, salespeople or potential customers can directly identify the most relevant machines for their needs. The app’s easy functionality and 3D visualisation allow users to look at machines from different angles, explore features, read about their benefits and consult specifications. Attractive and entertaining to use, the app integrates all product information in one mobile, environmentally friendly resource.

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