Carefully Crafted

Technologies for the pharmaceutical industry

The Japanese multinational Terumo is a world leader in medical technology and innovation. Active in many fields, it promotes the technologies and capabilities that make it an ideal partner for the pharmaceutical industry. Already renowned as a needle manufacturer and building on its Japanese heritage, the company wanted to show how its innovations are continually advancing the field of drug delivery. A unique combination of skills and expertise – all developed in-house – needed to be condensed into one strong marketing communication.

A new branding: Carefully Crafted

For the Pharmaceutical Division of Terumo, Vintage has developed a completely new branding around the theme: Carefully Crafted. The concept expresses that, for Terumo, developing the most effective drug delivery devices is a craft perfected over generations. It requires experience in medical technology for pharmaceutical purposes, knowledge of the latest technical innovations, exhaustive R&D and a full range of resources. The new theme comes with a fresh, brand-new visual identity for corporate and product communication which makes Terumo stand out in the industry. The corporate style is built around lifestyle imagery, whereas the product approach presents a Terumo needle or syringe being crafted on a technical (green) drawing board. Along with the corporate identity, Vintage created a set of integrated tools such as brochures, datasheets, posters, banners, stationary and promotional material.