Milliken Chemical

Public website

Optimised for extra conversions

Milliken Chemical combines scientific, technical and creative insights to enhance the things that people use, enjoy and encounter in their daily lives. To match the fast-evolving needs of customers and prospects, the company needed a new website that would make it easy for visitors to find information and stay in touch at any time – even on the go! Vintage provided fresh, new content in an attractive design that includes a blog and social media links to create ongoing engagement.


Most visitors of the Milliken Chemical website are looking for a product. Therefore, Vintage focused on creating a user-friendly structure and intuitive navigation that leads people directly to the products and info they need. The new site also incorporates numerous tracking and analysis functionalities and practical tools to optimise the entire customer journey. Milliken Chemical is now equipped to capture and nurture leads, measure visits and conversion rates and keep maximising the value of the website for its business.

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