UAntwerp – Faculty of Law

Nexus branding & launch campaign

A new postgraduate training center

The Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp has been organising postgraduate courses for professional lawyers for about 35 years now. Together with the Antwerp Bar Association, the Faculty of Law founded the “CBR” in 1985 – “CBR” stands for Centrum voor Beroepsvervolmaking in de Rechten (Center for Professional Development in Law). The CBR started with legal courses for lawyers only but grew year after year into a known academic institute for postgraduate training.


But now, anno 2020, the Faculty of Law felt that a next, big step is necessary! The need for a uniform and academic, continuous education increases more and more in a fast-evolving legal environment. Even – and especially – during a professional career. To meet the growing expectations and to address a new and wider audience, the Faculty of Law wanted to start up a new training center.

Branding & launch campaign of Nexus

The Antwerp Faculty of Law approached Vintage with the request to create a name and branding for the training centre and to set up a launch campaign.

Since the new center would unify and connect all postgraduate courses and activities of the Faculty of Law, Vintage came up with Nexus as the center’s name. Nexus is the Latin word for “connection” and is a synonym for “hub”, the core of an activity. It is a legal term that stands for a connection between persons as part of a causal relationship. Nexus also refers to the postgraduate education as the following (“next”) step in an academic career, after bachelor and master.


Vintage designed the Nexus logo which includes a visual element referring to the University of Antwerp and a textual part consisting of Nexus, “Permanente vorming” (continuous education), Faculteit Rechten (Faculty of Law) and Universiteit Antwerpen (University of Antwerp). It is a clear logo that is used consistently on all of the training center’s marketing, communication and course material. This way it raises awareness to make Nexus become first in mind when talking about postgraduate law courses (in Antwerp).

Nexus was officially launched on September 14th and Vintage set up a campaign to announce the transition from CBR to the new training center both internally and externally. The campaign consisted of a number of consecutive teaser moments and online and offline tools as well as social media updates.

It included:

  • E-mail & website (teaser) banners
  • Logo animation
  • Countdown teasers (website & social media)
  • Corporate flyer
  • Giveaways
  • Internal & external infographics
  • Letter by the Dean of the Faculty of Law
  • “Powered by Nexus” stamp

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