New Corporate Identity

Ready to fly

European company Aviacare takes care of aircraft services between landing and take-off throughout Western Europe and West Africa. Servicing aircraft is a highly competitive industry, with a host of companies in the marketplace, some new and some well-established. It was crucial for Aviacare to stand out through its marketing communications. With that in mind, the company asked Vintage to help in creating a new, modern and eye-catching corporate identity.

Integrated branding

Vintage began from scratch, designing a new company logo and an iconic image accompanied by the tagline ‘Ready to fly’. The approach is fresh and to the point, setting Aviacare apart from competing aviation companies, who tend to stick to traditional photographs of pilots and stewardesses. The image clearly depicts the business in which Aviacare is active: service between landing and take-off. As an added benefit, this new direction allows for completely integrated communications. All marketing communications and sales support tools, including stationery, banners, the flyer and the website, now have a unified look and feel.

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