A new corporate identity for LiveDots

A name that says it all

The Belgian multinational Barco is a global player in the field of visualisation technology. As part of the communication strategy for its new LED product line, it needed a fresh, dynamic identity. Barco’s LED screens create immersive and memorable live experiences for audiences. Yet, up close, you can see how the picture is made up of thousands of individual dots. Vintage chose to brand the division as ‘LiveDots’ – a name which expresses both the technology and the experience.

Larger than life

Introducing a new name is one thing. Making clear what it stands for is another. Respecting the KISS principle, Vintage created a logo which is essentially a close-up of the screen. It clearly reflects the business in which LiveDots is active. The new visual identity was integrated in a new set of sales support tools, including brochures, flyers and advertisements. We also provided LiveDots with the Case Navigator – an interactive, cross-platform sales support tool which showcases the company’s success stories.

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