Keep moving

Donaldson Filtration Solutions EMEA

Donaldson Filtration Solutions is a global leader in filtration solutions.  It provides filters for a variety of industries such as agriculture, power generation, construction and mining, aerospace and medical fields amongst others. The company produces several types of filters including fuel, hydraulic and cabin air filters to name a few. It operates in more than 140 locations in 40 countries across the world.

Donaldson is an innovative company which invests in research and development and has a global network of scientists and engineers. They have 14 technical centres on all continents and invest in new technologies which reflects the innovative backbone of the company.

Donaldson Filtration Solutions EMEA asked us to create an integrated campaign for three of its main markets, namely construction and mining, on-road and agriculture. The campaign was to be spread over the course of a year and would illustrate the different uses of Donaldson filters in these markets.

Keep moving

Donaldson already had a good concept with the tagline “keep moving” and the accompanying headlines:

“Keep digging” (Construction and mining)

“Keep growing” (Agriculture)

“Keep driving” (On-road)

They, together, embody what Donaldson Filtration Solutions has to offer. Thus we built our concept for the campaign based on this. We created a campaign where people can see how Donaldson allows its customers in different markets to “keep moving”, to “keep driving”, to “keep growing”… by providing them with good quality filters that reduce downtime and are accessible everywhere.

For this campaign, we use different content types including videos, infographics, case studies etc. These content types will be used to showcase the quality of Donaldson Filtration Solutions products in all markets and will cover the entire time frame of the campaign, based on a timeline.

3D time-lapse video

The first item released for this campaign is a time-lapse video for the on-road market. It illustrates the advantages of using Donaldson filters. The video was made entirely in 3D and includes an x-ray view of the engine and the positioning of the filters.

More to come…

This is the first tool of a yearlong campaign which will be using the same concept in a variety of markets which Donaldson serves. As new content is released, we will update this case.

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