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Recticel Flexible Foams

Recticel Flexible Foams is part of the Recticel Group and is one of the world’s largest flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers. The Flexible Foams business line operates 11 foaming plants and 23 converting plants across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Recticel Flexible Foam’s principal activities cover the development, manufacture, transformation and commercialization of pre-dominantly semi-finished flexible polyurethane foam products and components for B2B markets, like transport, industry, consumer goods, building & sports infrastructure, medical and furniture & upholstery.

Telling the story right – telling the right story

In this typical B2B environment, personal sales is a very important sales channel. That means that on the one hand, the Recticel sales person needs the right tools to be able to convince his/her (potential) client, but on the other hand Recticel Flexible Foams wants to be sure that the entire sales staff tells the same story.

Traditionally, PowerPoint presentations were used. As we all know, it is very easy to update a .ppt presentation, leaving some parts out, changing the content of other parts…


and that’s exactly what needed to be avoided. Additionally, most PowerPoint presentations tell a linear story: the story simply follows the order of the slides. In some cases, however, some information is not relevant and should be skipped… PowerPoint also has the disadvantage that fonts are not embedded. If a corporate font is not a standard font, it will not be displayed correctly on other computers, which obviously has a big impact on the look and feel of the presentation.

Interactive PDF

To answer to the client’s needs, Interactive PDFs (iPDFs) were created. These provide more layout possibilities than .ppt presentations, which guarantees that Corporate Guidelines can be followed. They can be used on different devices (if Adobe Reader is available), they are not that easy to adapt and thanks to a clear and easy navigation it is possible to either follow the story linearly, or to jump from chapter one to chapter three without going into detail.

Even though the Interactive PDFs (can) contain navigation, which makes it easy to browse through the content, they do not require any development. There is also no limitation in the amount of information that needs to be included – even an 85-page iPDF can be very comprehensible and easy to use.



As the iPDF does not require any internet connection, it can be used at all times by the sales staff, but it can also be used as a standalone tool at fairs and tradeshows.

Limitations? Yes, an Interactive PDF also has its limitations. But we’re sure we can find the perfect answer for your question!

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