Knauf Insulation

Interactive City app

Knauf Insulation, market leader with over 40 years of experience in the insulation industry, is continuously looking for new ways to innovate and challenge conventional thinking. A strong Showpad believer from the start, Knauf challenged Vintage with the creation of an Experience app which would bundle all their solutions for different types of buildings and highlight the applicable products at the same time.

With products for residential houses as well as schools and hospitals, Knauf caters for a very diverse audience. With this in mind Vintage created the Knauf interactive city app for Showpad. Starting out with a 3D visual of a city, hotspots are available on the different buildings. Once clicked on, a 3D zoom animation leads you to the building and the applications like a green roof, inside wall, etc. Here the 3D visuals actually show a cut through so the Knauf insulation product can be seen. The best used products are available via a detail page including benefits, specs, and links to datasheets and movies. When sent to prospects, all can be tracked via Showpad. This app is offered in multiple languages and will soon also be available on the web.


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