Arcelor Mittal

Interactive brochure

Communicating sustainability

The multinational ArcelorMittal supplies automotive companies worldwide with manufacturing technologies that improve vehicle component performance. Its Tailored Blanks help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining the highest safety standards. A simple message – but one which needed a strong pan-European communication strategy with exactly the right level of technical detail.

Approaching every audience

Vintage uses a multi-level structure in its interactive brochures. The complete story is presented in a condensed form, while allowing readers to explore deeper levels of technical detail and background information at will. 3D virtualisation of a stripped-down car made it possible to visualise the components in their context. The interactive brochure provides tailored sales support whether consulted on a tablet, smartphone, pc or laptop. It’s a lightweight, environmentally friendly solution that integrates perfectly with the company’s marketing communications.

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