thyssenkrupp home solutions

Integrated 3D video campaign

thyssenkrupp home solutions is a global pioneer in lift solutions for the home. The company provides its customers with stairlifts, home lifts and platform lifts so their homes can grow with them and adapt to their changing requirements.

For its new revolutionary stairlift, the S200, thyssenkrupp envisioned a video production that would set this new stairlift apart from the competition. They put the challenge of making relevant and compelling videos in the hands of Vintage Productions, and we gladly accepted!

Integrated 3D videos

One of the features that differentiates the S200 from other stairlifts is its design. The S200 is designed to interact stylishly with its environment, making it part of a home rather than an obtrusive necessity. To represent this innovative feature, we chose to use our visual skills to their full potential, combining 3D design with live video footage.

Firstly, Vintage designed a 3D environment with a timeless look, so it would attract both the campaign’s primary target group – people of 65+ years old – and its secondary target group – their influencers.

Now, we could have opted to use 3D images of the stairlift in use, but let’s be honest: nothing can beat showing the real stairlift being used by real people. Therefore, we opted for real-live footage of the S200, shot in front of a green key screen.

These shots were then integrated in the 3D environment, resulting in a stunning combination of virtual and reality. The integrated shots combined with 3D hero shots of the S200 and lifestyle shots of the users resulted in several videos.

Benefits in the spotlight

Each video explicitly puts one benefit in the spotlight, and all of them implicitly showcase the innovative features and design of the S200. We dare say we are very proud of our collaboration with thyssenkrupp and the result is there to show for!

“The new S200 campaign perfectly does justice to our breakthrough product innovation. Vintage has been a creative and reliable sparring partner throughout the process; from inception to creation. Most importantly, the content is relevant across countries and we use it with success across our European markets.”

– Adil Choudhry, International Director of Marketing

Do you want to see all campaign videos, the corresponding photography and 3D design? Visit thyssenkrupp’s campaign HERE.

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