e-Learning app

Social Selling

Cegid, with headquarters in Lyon, provides private companies and the public sector with performance-enhancing cloud management solutions. The Cegid retail business unit offers software solutions to help retailers never miss a sale. Cegid uses Showpad to support its salespeople with their sales conversations.

The B2B sales environment is ever evolving. Just like many other aspects of business, it is becoming more and more digitalised. Cegid partnered up with Vintage Productions to educate its salespeople about selling via social media channels: so-called   Social Selling.

e-Learning in Showpad

For this purpose, Vintage developed an e-learning platform that could be integrated in Showpad. Two modules teach Cegid employees about the background of social media, the current social media landscape and how they can improve their social media profiles with their prospects and customers in mind.

The app features integrated videos, animations, and images to make the learning process more engaging. At the end of every chapter, learners take a quiz to process the information, and at the end of each module an exam tests their knowledge. Progress is saved automatically, so learners can easily pick up where they left. The e-learning app was originally developed in English and has already been translated to French and Spanish to help as many employees as possible to become social selling experts.

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