Corporate website

From a product/company focused approach…

Sibomat is a construction company specialised in residential buildings with a timber frame construction. The company is proud of the fact that they help people to realise their dream houses, completely within budget and according to their pre-defined timing. This way of working ensures that they can count on happy clients who are willing to offer testimonials about their successful project.

But Sibomat is more than just your average a construction company: it also designs houses and start-up projects, and sells finished houses and building sites.

Sibomat’s corporate website was built many years ago and no longer reflected what the company stands for today. It provided almost exclusively technical information about timber frame buildings and building methods. Important information for a building company… but not for (potential) customers. Apart from a general contact form, there were very few calls to action (CTAs), resulting in very few conversions.

… to customer centric communication.

As the website is the first introduction to the company for many people, this situation needed to change. We started the project by putting ourselves in the shoes of a potential client. Which information would we want to find? Obviously, we also took into account the information provided by Sibomat. This resulted in a transparent structure with two main entry points:

  • I want to build a house
  • I want to buy a house or building site

From then on, the story wrote itself: If you want to build, you may want to go for a Sibomat concept, or you may already have created your own plans with your architect. For each of these situations, the website provides the required information and makes it easy to get in touch with the Sibomat team.

For people wanting to buy, the website offers an overview of all available properties. This information is stored in a separate database and is automatically synchronised with the website’s CMS. For each property, the responsible salesperson’s contact details are included, as well as a contact form. In fact, specific CTAs were defined for all pages, resulting in conversions and leads.

Customer testimonials

It’s no secret that you need to speak your customer’s language in order to get their interest. In this case, we proposed to let Sibomat customers tell their story.  Real customer testimonials are  an ideal way to convince potential clients. Additionnally, these stories help to build the Sibomat brand.

And of course also the website’s look and feel needs to be attractive. We wanted that the design of the website reflected its  transparent structure.  A bright, clean and straightforward design,  mixing  large, warm pictures and easy to read texts create a great user experience.

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This multilingual corporate website was built with Kentico as Content Management System. Apart from offering a user-friendly CMS (allowing Sibomat to maintain the website content), this all-in-one CMS platform offers rich out-of-the-box functionality, an extensive set of features, and high levels of customizability. Kentico’s ASP.NET CMS is proven to integrate with almost any back-end system.  Based on these features, Kentico was the logical choice for this project.

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