Federal Mogul


Communications through e-learning

Federal-Mogul is one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket parts in the automotive industry and owns several well-known and respected brands. The multinational was eager to raise its profile amongst installers and end users of its components. Federal-Mogul asked Vintage to create an online e-learning platform that would promote its technical expertise while educating the world about its brands and products. As well as a high level of technical copywriting, the tool would need to be multi-lingual and allow management and presentation of various kinds of content.

A virtual campus

Vintage created an online e-learning platform that enables ‘students’ across EMEA to study a wealth of information on everything from industry and brand knowledge to technical know-how and installation advice. 3D visualisation allows readers to explore components from every angle. Campus is accessible on tablets and mobile media as well as desktop devices. This multi-lingual responsive website adapts automatically to different screen sizes and is also available as a cross-platform app for iPad. The combination of enjoyable interactive materials, webinars and ‘anytime, anywhere’ accessibility has quickly made F-M Campus the most attractive online training platform in the industry. It is available in multiple languages and the list of courses is growing all the time.

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