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Recticel Flexible Foams

Recticel Flexible Foams is part of the Recticel Group and is one of the world’s largest flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers. The Flexible Foams business line operates 11 foaming plants and 23 converting plants across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Recticel Flexible Foam’s principal activities cover the development, manufacture, transformation and commercialization of pre-dominantly semi-finished flexible polyurethane foam products and components for B2B markets, like transport, industry, consumer goods, building & sports infrastructure, medical and furniture & upholstery. They provide foams for a wide variety of customer needs in domains such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting. These domains are defined as ‘attributes’.

A new digital platform

In the past, Recticel Flexible Foams communicated in a very company- and product focused way and this was something that needed to change, as today, clients are led by more than just product information. It’s the entire package that counts: the visual approach, an easy-to-use structure, and of course providing relevant content for the customer.

One thing was clear: to reach (potential) customers and to clearly communicate how RFF can help their customers in different markets, a new online platform was required. This platform, which needed to be developed using Drupal 8, needed to be responsive and user friendly, market driven, easy to update and maintain, connected to different social media channels and expandable.

A clear structure

Even though there were many factors that needed to be considered (different markets, 7 attributes, country-dependent product portfolio’s, etc. we managed to create a straightforward overall structure that exists out of a portal website (for the Flexible Foams business line) and an expandable list of market-based segment websites.

Recticel Flexible Foams portal (business line website)

  • Transport
    • Passenger cars & light commercial vehicles (segment website)
  • Industry
    • Industrial equipment (segment website)
  • Furniture & Upholstery
    • Seating & sleeping (segment website)
  • Medical
    • Support surfaces (segment website)
  • Building & sports infrastructure
    • Sports & leisure (segment website)
  • Consumer goods
    • Consumer goods (segment website)



Within each of these websites, which form the Recticel Flexible Foams digital platform, a similar page structure is used based on 3 simple questions which could be asked by customers:

  • What does Recticel Flexible Foams offer? (Products and attributes)
  • Where are their foams used? (Markets and applications)
  • Why choose Recticel Flexible foams? (About us)

Via all websites, the ‘Solution Finder’ can be accessed. This is an easy to use and intuitive application that helps website visitors to find product information in just a few clicks.

A clear design

The look and feel of the website needs to correspond with the Recticel Flexible Foams guidelines. The consistent use of the corporate colours (‘Recticel-yellow’ and different types of grey), the positioning of the Recticel logo and the use of the corporate fonts are obvious elements in that respect.

But to get the message across and to appeal to the website visitor there is more: instead of focusing on products, the website mainly shows every-day-life images, illustrating where Recticel Flexible Foams products are used. These images talk to the website visitor.

The combination of colourful images with white backgrounds, the compactness of the content on all pages, the consistent use of the footer and the yellow call-to-action buttons make sure that all vital information can be found at a glance. Additionally, this design ensures that the websites look as good and are as intuitive to use on tablet and on smartphone.

Could your corporate website use an update as well?

3D images

Recticel Flexible Foams produces pre-dominantly semi-finished flexible polyurethane foam products and components. These are then further processed and used to produce end-products. This means that the actual Recticel products are invisible in every-day life.

Thanks to 3D image creation, it is still possible to show where these products are used – while this is impossible using photography. The Recticel Flexible Foams images have been created in accordance with the corporate look and feel, making use of ‘Recticel-yellow’ to indicate the presence of foam in combination with various types of grey.

Do you think that 3D imagery could be useful for you?