The ‘Bobcat & Robin’ Story

A birthday celebration

In 2012, Bobcat wanted to promote the 25th anniversary of its mini excavators. With a customer base relating strongly to the brand, a more personal communication strategy was appropriate. It proved to be a happy coincidence that Robin, one of Bobcat’s employees, celebrated his 25th birthday in 2012 as well.

The ‘Bobcat & Robin’ story

A farmer’s son, Robin practically grew up with Bobcats. This experience was the inspiration for the ‘Bobcat & Robin’ story, which links important stages in Robin’s life to the different generations of the machines.

In a special jubilee brochure for both dealers and loyal clients, we showed how Bobcats played a crucial role in Robin’s coming of age. Again, this tool is part of a fully integrated pan-European communication strategy.

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