Annual report and Portfolio app

Promoting e-waste management

Close the Gap is a non-profit organisation that supplies computers, donated by European companies, to educational, social and medical projects in developing countries. Close the Gap introduced the concept of an environmentally sound e-waste management system for the East African Community. This resulted in the foundation of WorldLoop, an international, non-profit organisation that aims to expand e-waste collection scope and geographical reach in developing countries. Naturally, promoting the importance of e-waste management is crucial to this.

Building a showcase

In 2013, Vintage created and designed WorldLoop’s first ever annual report. Structuring, presenting and visualising a lot of complex information in a clear, attractive way was key to its success. Vintage also developed a cross-platform Portfolio app to help WorldLoop showcase its activities and projects to existing and potential partners. Steered by a single-source, user-friendly content management tool, the app is available across iOS, Android and PC platforms.

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