Atlas Copco

Air campaign

Better together

Up until now the marketing communication materials created by Atlas Copco have mainly been product-oriented i.e. with focus on the compressors. However, with a complete range of technologies produced in-house and the accompanying dryers, filters and controllers, Atlas Copco offers much more than that. Together, these elements form the best solution for the client. Atlas Copco challenged Vintage to come up with a concept which would help them communicate and sell solutions that work ‘better together’.

Smart AIR Solutions

Vintage proposed the AIR campaign based on a very visual concept: the letters AIR made in 3D out of a compressor, a dryer, a filter and a controller. The tagline reads ‘Smart AIR Solutions’. Besides posters and banners with the strong AIR visual, Vintage also created a movie (combination of 3D graphics and video shooting) illustrating a problem situation together with the Atlas Copco solution. This is just the beginning of a long-term campaign in which many more (sales) tools will be created to highlight the message.

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