360° Tool and YouTube video

Virtual machines

Bobcat makes serious construction equipment. However, we cannot help experiencing these machines as playful and fun, probably because of their size and flexibility. The challenge lies in integrating this ‘fun’ image with the detailed technical information that dealers and customers need in sales support tools. In 2011, the multinational decided to start creating interactive 360° views of its most important machines. Their marketing communications no longer need 1,000 words to explain the benefits of a product.

‘From man to machine’ on YouTube

The TL360/TL470 is one of the most ergonomic telescopic handlers on the market. It offers everything a telescopic handler can offer, and does so in a user-friendly way. It is as if the machine is built around its user. We make this clear in an eye-catching animation, combining video and 3D virtualisation. Considering the nature of the product, its YouTube popularity is impressive. As an added benefit, the animation can also be integrated into interactive brochures and interactive presentations.

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