Want to convince customers to buy your product? Show them how much they will save.

When it comes to B2B sales arguments, cost and time savings are hard to resist. For many decision-makers, they are the most important consideration overall. The ability to produce a clear overview of these savings is an extremely valuable asset for salespeople. At Vintage, we have developed user-friendly calculators for many of our clients, allowing them to show customers how much they could save by investing in a particular product.

In a highly competitive B2B environment, companies are constantly monitoring and re-evaluating their expenses and productivity to identify opportunities to maintain and increase their profits. Before investing in new equipment, software or any other product or service, decision-makers need to have the clearest possible picture of how their purchase will help them to save time and money.

Simply claiming in a sales talk or product presentation that your product will create a high return on investment may not have much meaning for a customer, especially if they are hearing the same thing from all your competitors. It is well worth going a step further and offering your clients a tool that allows them to calculate the real return they can expect if they apply the product or service within their own specific working environment.


Customised savings calculators

At Vintage, we develop customised savings calculators for a wide range of product types in different B2B sectors. In just a few clicks, users can describe their situation based on pre-defined options, select their preferred products or services and learn about potential savings. The calculation is based on performance tables provided by our clients in an agreed format. Users can have their simulation sent by e-mail or download it as a PDF file. The calculator can be set up as a web tool or standalone app and can be integrated with numerous sales platforms.

As well as showcasing the value of your offering, a sales calculator is a good way to enhance sales conversations and build trust and confidence in your brand.

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