Vintage & Showpad: empower your sales team with an award-winning Experience App

Did you know that Vintage Productions is a certified and award-winning Showpad Solution Partner? We have been providing multinationals with Showpad-compatible content for many years now. Ranging from sales apps and launch presentations to state-of-the-art 3D virtualisations, Vintage can meet every client’s requirements for value-added content that is 100% compatible with this renowned sales enablement platform. It is a collaboration that continuously challenges us and that led to many of the innovative projects that represent Vintage today.

Since we created our first Showpad application for Atlas Copco, we have created numerous apps for different clients. “All our clients share the single purpose of delivering product information to salespeople in the most user-friendly and efficient way possible,” says Vintage Account Director, Ellen De Rijck. “That’s basically the starting point for every Showpad project we do. This is illustrated by the new Experience apps that we have added to our portfolio and which have had a highly positive response.”


Virtual stores and cityscapes
Examples of successful Experience apps recently created by Vintage include a Cityscape app for TK Elevator, a sales app for IMI Hydronic Engineering to launch their new TA-Smart product, an Interactive City app for Knauf Insulation and a new 3D City app for Cegid. The latter project is our second Showpad app for Cegid. The first – its Virtual Innovation Store – won a SAM award at the Showpad Transform event in 2019. We also won two Showpad SAM Excellence Awards in 2017: the ‘Most Creative Graphical Experienceaward for the Beacon Medaes virtual hospital and the ‘Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level’ award for the Atlas Copco Virtual Reality app. Ellen explains the importance of these awards for Vintage: “These awards were a recognition of our hard work and continuous innovation. At the same time, they were a strong motivating factor for Vintage to stay ahead and focus even more on the future of 3D and interactive apps.”


Breakthrough technology
Vintage’s collaboration with Showpad also results in continuous technological innovations to answer new challenges. “New requests mean that developers are challenged to make these ideas come true,” says Vintage’s Commtech Director, Maarten Huybrighs. “Our Showpad partnership works in two directions: we often provide new ideas and suggestions to Showpad and, should we need help, Showpad’s support team is always there. Because of our partnership, Vintage also gets access to new features before they are rolled out to the public. This means we can already work out ideas on how they can benefit our clients.”

Maarten continues, “Using Showpad’s SDK (Software Development Kit), we create powerful integrations between our apps, Showpad and third-party applications. The Experience app that we developed for Desotec is a perfect example of fully-fledged integration and customer-centricity. It presents content in a market-specific way and enables the client to prepare budget estimates, send assets and store prospect and client information directly in Salesforce.”


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