A third Vintage client celebrates the Red Dot Award for product design

Congratulations VEKA! The market leader in the manufacturing of PVC-U window and door profiles won the trophy for its new lift and sliding door VEKAMOTION 82 MAX. A Red Dot Award is a globally recognised seal of design excellence and is one of the highest accolades a manufacturer can win.

With its narrow and almost completely hidden frame, VEKAMOTION 82 MAX creates room for large glass surfaces and meets the requirements of modern living and architecture. To introduce this brand-new concept to the Belgian market, Vintage developed an advertising and social media campaign which highlights the frameless exterior view and increased light incidence. The campaign is built around the theme “Een vrije kijk/Une vue libre” (in English: “A large view”) and it is currently still running on Facebook and LinkedIn and in trade magazines.

VEKA’s Marketing Manager Oliver Wiesmann explains the importance of the Red Dot Award for his company:

Congratulations, Oliver! Can you please tell us what the trophy means for VEKA?

Oliver Wiesmann: “When we develop new products, we always aim to create added value for our direct customers as well as for the building owners. That means we have to combine economic efficiency, functionality and aesthetic design. These are precisely the characteristics the Red Dot Design Award stands for and so the whole VEKA team is particularly proud, that we were able to convince the jury with our new VEKAMOTION 82 MAX sliding door system.”

“Besides the VEKAMOTION 82 and the VEKAMOTION 82 MAX, we are even launching a third version in Belgium called VEKAMOTION 82 VISTA. This variant with its floor-level fixed glazing provides even more light in the living space and we have developed it especially for the needs of the Belgian market. Personally, I’m excited to be working with the Vintage team on further campaigns for this great lift and sliding door system.”

Thank you, Oliver and your team, for your feedback and for the nice collaboration on this year’s social media campaign!

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