Simplify your story and engage potential customers with expert visualisation

It is almost impossible to imagine marketing communication without visualisation. For B2B sales messaging in particular, the right design, video or picture can simplify a complex story and communicate a powerful, unified message. At Vintage, we have a dedicated and highly skilled team of graphic artists. They create attractive designs for our online and offline tools, select and prepare the perfect images, and add exactly the right visual and musical touches to trigger engagement from your target audience.

At Vintage, every step of a project is interlinked. “When we create a concept, it needs to be reflected in the design of every communication tool,” says Creative Director Gunther Thienpont. “That is exactly what we do in our Studio. We bring into being what previously only existed in our minds. Be it a brochure, a website or a sales app, we create designs that are appropriate for each medium and that always respect the client’s corporate identity and campaign concept. Consistent and integrated messaging is the hallmark of Vintage communications.”

For Vintage, images are not just there to fill a blank space. On the contrary, they are an important part of the message. In fact, an appealing design or well selected picture can sometimes tell a sales story by itself. Gunther continues, “That’s why we sometimes shoot our concept images ourselves, so they have the correct setting and mood to tell the story.”


UI and UX design

Design is not just about creating a consistent, attractive look and feel. An effective UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are also critical design elements in our websites and online applications. Vintage’s UI/UX expert Larendo van Gennip explains, “We develop tools that are self-explanatory and guide users towards the information they want in just a few steps. A user interface and experience can make or break your website or application. Most people think it is only about graphic design, but you also need a clear screen flow. A nice interface attracts users and a good experience encourages them to come back frequently. And the more visitors like to use your website or app, the higher the potential for new sales and leads.”


Motion design

Nowadays there is a significant focus on animated content in B2B communication. Videos with the right music, effects and, if appropriate, voiceover, are a powerful tool for captivating attention and creating an emotional connection. They have high stopping power (especially on social media) and serve as a call to action, driving traffic to your website. “In our videos, we want to convey our client’s message in a simple, memorable way, teasing viewers to want to replay it,” says Vintage’s motion designer, Dave Lancel. “We bring together a concept, storyboard, static and 3D visuals and the perfect choice of music to create a thrilling experience that makes our clients stand out from their competitors.”


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