Publishing the correct social media content results in more likes & shares… and attracts more leads

How do you ensure that your social media posts are viewed, liked and shared to the max? Publishing content about an interesting topic is one thing, but presenting this content in an engaging way is key to achieving visibility. At Vintage, we continuously analyse the statistics of our client’s social media campaigns to further improve results, as any extra like & share can be a potential sales lead.

An effective social media calendar comprises a good balance of target-relevant topics and the creation and release of attractive content. Attention spans are short on social media: readers are not interested in a repetition or summary of a company or product brochure. “That’s why our social media campaigns go deeper, translating benefits into ‘hooks’ designed to catch the eye and entice scrollers to stop, view, like and share”, says Vintage’s project coordinator Jochem Pasmans.

Achieving this involves considerable expertise, not just on the product involved but on how to design and tailor the most effective content for different social media platforms. “We have social media campaigns running for several clients”, Jochem Pasmans continues. “From these projects, we learn valuable lessons every day on how social media users can be teased to view and read your content. This typically involves infographics, animations and videos, accompanied by short, punchy copy that addresses the target reader personally. We end each post with a clear call to action to generate leads and drive traffic to the company’s website.”

Clara windows

An example of an ongoing campaign created and managed by Vintage is the social media calendar for Clara windows by AGC Glass Europe. Clara is the world‘s first frameless window with a surface made entirely of glass. Originated in Switzerland, Vintage developed a social media campaign to launch the product in France and Benelux.

“Our plan includes a variety of interesting subjects, ranging from company and product related items, to wider relevant topics, and quotes and testimonials”, Jochem Pasmans describes. “Regarding the content, we highly focus on animations and videos including clear infographics and short text lines. After the first publications, we learned that these posts received most responses. And that’s of course the goal of the campaign: to higher Clara’s brand awareness and bring more visitors to its website.”

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