June 8, 2021

Simplify your story and engage potential customers with expert visualisation

It is almost impossible to imagine marketing communication without visualisation. For B2B sales messaging in particular, the right design, video or picture can simplify a complex story and communicate a powerful, unified message.

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June 2, 2021

Publishing the correct social media content results in more likes & shares… and attracts more leads

How do you ensure that your social media posts are viewed, liked and shared to the max? Publishing content about an interesting topic is one thing, but presenting this content in an engaging way is key to achieving visibility. At Vintage, we continuously analyse the statistics of our client’s social media campaigns to further improve results, as any extra like & share can be a potential sales lead.

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May 18, 2021

Engage your audience by telling a clear sales story with the right tools

Communicating a consistent message is key to convincing customers and prospects to choose your product or service. But how do you build up a clear sales story when your main intention is highlight features and benefits? At Vintage, we dig deep into our customer’s portfolio, market, industry sector and competition, often analysing tonnes of information to deduct an appealing message that captures the imagination and differentiates the brand.

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May 12, 2021

Attract new customers and generate extra leads by analysing visitor statistics

Launching your new website or application is a milestone, but it’s only the start of your journey towards business growth. Tracking and proper analysis of visitor statistics and behaviour is the next – perhaps even more essential – step. It gives you useful insights into possible functional and content modifications to further improve the user experience and ultimately attract new users and generate more leads.

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May 4, 2021

A memorable and eye-catching concept: the best way to get attention for your campaign

Creativity is central to our work at Vintage. We thrive on the challenge of translating  a client’s story and message into a creative concept expressed in a catchy headline and appealing visual. Integrated consistently in the right mix of online and offline communication tools, the concept is key to attracting and keeping the spotlight.
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April 27, 2021

Customer experience: FleetLink virtual event by Atlas Copco Power Technique Service

As a company, how do you put your brand and product in the spotlight and do you interact with customers and prospects in times where physical events and sales contacts cannot be held? The answer to this question led Atlas Copco’s Power Technique Service division to the idea of setting up a virtual event, and they requested Vintage to build an event platform with a fitting 3D environment.

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April 20, 2021

A third Vintage client celebrates the Red Dot Award for product design

Congratulations VEKA! The market leader in the manufacturing of PVC-U window and door profiles won the trophy for its new lift and sliding door VEKAMOTION 82 MAX. A Red Dot Award is a globally recognised seal of design excellence and is one of the highest accolades a manufacturer can win.

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