A memorable and eye-catching concept: the best way to get attention for your campaign

Creativity is central to our work at Vintage. We thrive on the challenge of translating  a client’s story and message into a creative concept expressed in a catchy headline and appealing visual. Integrated consistently in the right mix of online and offline communication tools, the concept is key to attracting and keeping the spotlight.

Vintage’s Creative Director Gunther Thienpont tells us more about the process of creating an original concept. It starts with a client briefing, followed by extensive study. “This research is vital,” he says. “We need to know all the ins and outs of the market and our client’s competitors. With this knowledge, we sit down together – or these days, we set up an online internal call – to brainstorm.”

“At this point, our ideas morph with the client’s ideas and we work out concepts that are appropriate for the brand and the targeted audience. Be it European or international, we always maintain an integrated communication approach to make sure that the concept works worldwide and across different media,” he explains further.


Race to Zero

A recent example is the concept we created for Knauf Insulation to highlight their student innovation contest. Our client needed a name that would make their campaign stand out and a catchy image to appeal to students and young graduates. The contest was set up to attractive innovative ideas around the goal of zero- energy social housing. Bearing in mind that this is a key priority for governments around Europe, Vintage decided to make the approach as competitive as possible.

We also wanted to include a reference to the goal of the contest and to general zero-carbon initiatives taking place around the world. The result was the Race to Zero – a headline that doubles up as the name of the competition. The concept is boldly presented with images designed to inspire the target while reinforcing the company’s own branding. Knauf Insulation is delighted with the results. The contest has proved extremely popular and they are looking forward to announcing the winners any day now!

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