Make your message clear and memorable with an attention-grabbing infographic

Infographics are widely used in B2B and B2C communication. Their visual approach gives them significant impact, delivering information quickly in a format that is easy to digest and remember. Vintage is very experienced in creating infographics from scratch, as well as animating them for social media, websites and presentations.

Statistics show that clear infographics are very successful in B2B marketing, generating response in both print and digital communications. They get a high number of shares and likes on social media, and reports show that the term ‘infographic’ is searched hundreds of thousands of times every month on Google.

While the primary goal of an infographic is to communicate all the relevant information in one visual that is easy to understand, this versatile tool can also expand upon a simple message and convey authenticity. An infographic can be an essential part of a brand’s communication, showcase its creativity and create a ‘wow’ effect around the complexity of a product or service. B2B companies in particular benefit from the heightened brand awareness resulting from a tool that catches the eye on their websites, can be shared online and generates a buzz on social media.


Making the complex simple
At Vintage, we develop infographics in different shapes and formats for many clients. “We design static infographics for brochures and annual reports, and we animate them for PowerPoint presentations and to post online as part of an integrated social media campaign, to give just a couple of examples,” says Creative Director, Gunther Thienpont. “Infographics tend to awaken more interest and appear to be extremely effective in persuading customers and prospects.”

While the finished result is easy to comprehend, it takes dedicated attention to create an infographic. Gunther Thienpont explains, “You start by digging into the basic information, deducting a clear message and getting to know the target audience. Then you play around with text, colours, visuals and shapes, to compose the correct mix to grab attention and get the information across. Actually, when you think about it, the nature of an infographic is a perfect illustration of Vintage’s communication philosophy: making the complex simple.”


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