Keep your sales story consistent and up to date with single source information storage

Nowadays, most B2B companies use a range of sales tools, techniques and platforms to sell effectively to different customer profiles, regions and markets. This can be challenging when it comes to ensuring that all communications tell the same story and present the most recent information. As an experienced international marketing communication partner, Vintage offers branded templates for product and company information that can be stored in a single source and applied worldwide, guaranteeing a uniform message and visual style.

Digital communications, and social media in particular, have created a world where information is distributed and exchanged with ever-increasing speed. B2B companies working on a global scale often want to present their data in a customised way that targets specific audiences or markets. In many cases, it is more effective and efficient to create sales tools locally. Yet, for optimal marketing, it is vital that all the brand’s communications are consistent in regard to imagery, visual style, content and messaging.

The Vintage solution is based on many years of partnership with international companies who have subsidiaries all over the world. We create concepts and content that can be used globally over an extended time period. These are stored in one place and offered to a company’s local offices and branches via a single source application. A flexible, user-friendly interface makes it easy for marketing personnel and product managers to keep their templates and information accurate as company guidelines, legislation, products and services evolve.

The application steers the client’s various online and offline communication channels and automatically provides new data on user behaviour, such as brochure downloads or use of online tools opened via a website or sales platform. At the same time, subsidiaries wanting to create a localised tool can access all the templates, visuals and content they need from one address.

“Consistency has always been our middle name,” says Vintage CEO Claudia Voss. “As a B2B company, you can only raise brand awareness when you convey a uniform message in the same visual style and with the correct content. We are happy to help our customers, not only by creating the content and concepts, but also by offering a single source platform to keep everything up to date and share it easily across their organisation.”

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