Engage your audience by telling a clear sales story with the right tools

Communicating a consistent message is key to convincing customers and prospects to choose your product or service. But how do you build up a clear sales story when your main intention is highlight features and benefits? At Vintage, we dig deep into our customer’s portfolio, market, industry sector and competition, often analysing tonnes of information to deduct an appealing message that captures the imagination and differentiates the brand.

Our key priority as a marketing and communication partner is to assist our clients in building up a clear and logical sales story, whether that relates to the brand or a specific product. “We are usually bombarded with lots of information during the briefing,” says Vintage Account Director Stijn Capiau. “We like to delve into this and research the market, competitors and target audience. It’s our task to shine a light on the main message, to look for a unique selling proposition, to translate the overload of data into an understandable sales story and present it in a user-friendly way.”

Vintage does this for stand-alone sales tools as well as larger corporate campaigns and product launches. In every case, we select the right set of communication tools to get your sales story across to your target audience. Stijn explains: “The next step is to compose the mix of online and offline tools that we believe will be most effective. We ensure that all the tools tell the same story and present it in a visually consistent way. This means that the resulting communication is fully integrated and also cost-efficient since, texts and imagery can be used and reused to their full potential.”

From physical mood boards to social media

Stijn continues: “It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were printing our communication mixes on boards, which were wrapped and only revealed to the client at the end of our presentation! That board was a nice representation of a huge amount of creative and thinking work, and many clients liked to keep it standing in their office to mark the launch of a new and integrated sales campaign. Nowadays, our communication mixes are different. They include more 3D visualisation and animations and have a strong focus on social media. But the basic approach stays the same – listen, research, identify the message and select the best tools to tell the story.”

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