Encourage new audiences to explore your products with an eye-catching advertising campaign

Advertising plays a key role in B2B marketing communication. Used in all external communication channels, it is an effective way to reach out to customers and inform them about products and services that could be useful to them. Vintage assists clients with full media plans as well as Google Ads and social media advertising campaigns to differentiate their brand and generate leads and sales.

It is vital for companies to maintain high market presence and communicate directly to their target customers. Studies show that good advertising strongly influences a target audience’s purchasing behaviour and thought patterns. As well as spreading awareness about products and services, advertisements provide customers with the information they need to make a purchasing decision. More specifically, advertising has been proven to have high impact in persuading customers to explore and try out new brands and products.

At Vintage, advertisements and banners are part of a larger integrated communication strategy and approach that we build for our clients. “When we create a new concept for a client, part of our research and preparation is a study of printed magazines and online media,” explains Account Director Stijn Capiau. “The goal is to define the best theme and design to create high stopping power and ensure our clients stand apart from their competitors.”

This often means maintaining a comprehensive media plan for the client. The client provides us with the schedule of publications that they have booked for a full year. This may include advertisements, advertorials and banners, static or animated, in online and offline magazines in different countries.


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Stijn explains the Vintage approach: “We create the material in the correct language and supply the magazines in time with all the necessary files in the required format and size. Regarding content, we keep an eye on the magazine’s target audience, new products released by our clients and their competitors, and relevant topics during the year – upcoming tradeshows, for example. Ads need to catch the eye immediately and convey a strong and memorable message. We also add a clear call to action to encourage customers to explore the product further and visit the company’s website.”

As well as publications in trade magazines, we set up and maintain Google Ads and social media advertising campaigns to generate leads and sales. For Google Ads, we help our clients with defining the right keywords and installing landing pages and contact forms that create a user-friendly customer journey. We also support them with full tracking and monitoring which results in comprehensive reports. For social media, we help clients to install a content calendar, keep all their channels updated, boost specific posts in order to multiply the amount of views and clicks in a cost-efficient way, and target the right audiences.


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