Customer experience: FleetLink virtual event by Atlas Copco Power Technique Service

As a company, how do you put your brand and product in the spotlight and do you interact with customers and prospects in times where physical events and sales contacts cannot be held? The answer to this question led Atlas Copco’s Power Technique Service division to the idea of setting up a virtual event, and they requested Vintage to build an event platform with a fitting 3D environment. Katrijn Scheers, Communication Manager at Atlas Copco Power Technique Service, tells us more about her experience with organising a first virtual fair for her division.

What was the main purpose of the event?
Katrijn Scheers: “The goal was to establish awareness about FleetLink, our connectivity solution for portable Atlas Copco equipment, enabling companies to remotely monitor and manage their entire fleet. With the event, we wanted to provide visitors insights on how to improve fleet efficiency and productivity with connectivity. To do this, we presented several video sessions about a variety of topics and we were available to directly interact with visitors through a live chat to answer their most urgent questions.”


This was the first virtual event set up by your division, was it a fruitful one?
Katrijn Scheers: “Yes, we are happy with the results! As you say, it was our first virtual event, so there are of course some learnings that we will take along to the next one. But the overall experience was positive.”


How is the organisation of a virtual event different than a physical one?
Katrijn Scheers: “Though a virtual fair is different from a live one, the main challenge is similar: to keep your target audience interested by offering them valuable information through dynamic content. This is also the case for live events, but since the attention span online is much shorter, that’s an extra aspect that you need to consider when creating content.”

“It has always been important to build awareness about our solutions, online and offline.”

As you already mentioned, visitors were able to chat with experts from Atlas Copco. Did the chat function have a lot of of response?
Katrijn Scheers: “It’s difficult to estimate the engagement level since it’s our first virtual conference, but we surely saw a lot of interaction. This indicates a high interest from our audience, which is of course a good sign!”


How important is it for your company and division to organise such events?
Katrijn Scheers: “It has always been important to build awareness about our solutions, online and offline. But the corona pandemic accelerated the need for virtual events for every company, no matter whether you’re active in B2B or B2C. It created and creates opportunities, but we are not the only ones who want to attract the attention of our customers and prospects, so it’s extra challenging to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.”


Which advantages and benefits did the virtual event have as compared to a physical event?
Katrijn Scheers: “I believe it’s much more accessible compared to physical events. Visitors can attend whenever it suits their planning and from wherever they are located, and they can easily come back if they want. That is a different approach from physical events, which makes it possible to reach a broader audience.”


Do you see virtual events replacing physical events after the corona pandemic or do you see a future for hybrid events?
Katrijn Scheers: “There will definitely be room for all types of events. I believe that some types of physical events will return once they can be organised again, allowing companies to network and interact with customers and suppliers in-person. But I am convinced that virtual events, for our company and division, will also surely remain an essential way to share information and content with our target audience.”


Thank you for your time, Katrijn. And thank you and your team for the opportunity to create this platform and the nice collaboration on this project!

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