Congratulations to two Vintage clients on winning Red Dot Awards for product design!

A Red Dot Award is one of the highest accolades a designer or manufacturer can win. It is a globally recognised seal of design excellence and an incredible platform for launching a new concept. Vintage is therefore proud to have played a part in helping two of its clients – TK Home Solutions and Automatic Systems – promote their award-winning products.

The selection process for a Red Dot Award is extremely rigorous. The judging process takes several days and involves a jury of around 40 experts. Every product is tested and discussed separately to assess its level of innovation, functionality, formal quality and ergonomics. Therefore, the highest quality is also required in the submission itself. The product must be presented in the optimal light, showcasing its features and benefits and explaining the concept in the clearest possible manner.

TK Home Solutions asked Vintage to create a state-of-the-art animation to demonstrate and highlight the benefits of its new S200 stairlift, as an ideal way to promote their submission. While congratulating TK Home Solutions on winning a 2021 Red Dot Award for its product design, Creative Director Gunther Thienpont is also proud of Vintage’s accomplishment: “The animation combines 3D with actual video footage and tells a clear and logical story from the start till the end. As well as supporting the Red Dot candidacy, it is used as a sales tool. Part of the video is also used in TV commercials in some countries. This animation illustrates how Vintage’s 3D and animation capabilities continuously evolve, setting a new standard with every new project.”

Vintage also supported Automatic Systems in promoting its newest speed gate, FirstLane. To support the product launch in 2020, Vintage created a teaser movie and a video illustrating the product’s stylish design, intuitive user experience, innovative technology, durability, flexibility, security and fraud detection capabilities. We are delighted that Automatic Systems has achieved a 2021 Red Dot Award for FirstLane.


“It is especially while we are working on such projects that I feel the true Vintage spirit,” says Vintage’s CEO Claudia Voss. “These projects bring together lots of our core capabilities: concept development, 3D modelling, copywriting and motion design. And of course, planning and coordination in order to deliver the animations in the best possible timeframe. Our clients are very happy to win this well-deserved award – and I am also proud of my award-winning team!”

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