Attract new customers and generate extra leads by analysing visitor statistics

Launching your new website or application is a milestone, but it’s only the start of your journey towards business growth. Tracking and proper analysis of visitor statistics and behaviour is the next – perhaps even more essential – step. It gives you useful insights into possible functional and content modifications to further improve the user experience and ultimately attract new users and generate more leads.

When creating a website or application, we always start from the user’s perspective, putting ourselves in their shoes to understand and define their requirements. This includes extensive desk research to get acquainted with the market and target audience. Later, in the testing phase, we involve participants from outside the project team, who are seeing the tool for the first time. These measures help us to design and deliver the best experience. Yet there are still valuable lessons to be learned after the application is launched and implemented.

“A website or application requires continuous attention,” says Vintage’s Commtech Director Maarten Huybrighs. “For us, it doesn’t stop on the ‘go-live’ date. We assist clients by closely monitoring visitor statistics. We do this at least once a month and it may even be done daily at the start of the project. Besides the number of visitors, we can see how many pages they view and for how long, where they come from, what language they speak, and which external tools or social media channels are referring users to ‘our’ website or application. The visitor statistics also include a heatmap – a visual overview showing the path users follow through the application, how they navigate, and which sections or pages are visited most, or not at all.”

We analyse all the data in detail, draw conclusions, and come up with recommendations on how the user’s experience can be further enhanced. Detailed results are provided in a comprehensive report and we also deliver the main items and trends in clear PPT slides using infographics, ready for our clients to use in internal presentations.


Attracting new and repeat visits

Maarten Huybrighs continues: “A website or application is a living and growing communication tool, in terms of both content and technology. It needs regular updates to correspond with new and quickly evolving trends. Something that’s new during the development process might be outdated a month later. That’s why our monthly reports are essential. They help us define the right modifications to attract new users and keep them coming back.”

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