Market leader in electro-technical services

Niko is a Belgian company that provides electro-technical solutions and services for switching materials, door communication systems, lighting control and home automation systems. These are intended for both residential and professional environments as well as for residential care complexes. Niko is a market leader in Belgium and designs innovative concepts that make life at home and at work flexible and easier. Niko is dedicated to combining a well thought-out design with an environmentally friendly approach. To this end, Niko invests heavily in research and development.


Amplifier Training is an e-learning platform which concerns a generic application that allows customisation of the basic graphical style elements to fit the client’s corporate identity. The platform has a fresh look and  feel and is multilingual, mobile compatible, user-friendly and available online 24/7. All content is managed from a single-source content management system which is easy to use for non-developers. The application supports all types of courses and content, and  presents the user’s personal training progress. An offline version of the e-learning platform is available as an option. Niko uses Amplifier Training for theoretical courses.

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