Anti-intoxicants campaign


CEPA is the employers’ organization of the Port of Antwerp, which is responsible for the management, safety, training and well-being of all port workers. Always looking to improve overall working conditions, CEPA wanted to address the issue of alcohol and drug use during working hours which is still a big problem at the port.

Geen kater op de kade / Niet high op de kaai

Vintage came up with an integrated awareness campaign that uses a very direct tone of voice instead of the usual patronizing slogans which are quite common in anti-intoxicants campaigns. Besides posters and handouts with the headlines ‘Geen kater op de kade’ and ‘Niet high op de kaai’, Vintage created an online game to show port workers how alcohol and drug use affect a person’s reaction rate and leads to accidents.

The campaign proves to be a success, as cited in several newspapers.

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