Virtual fairs & showrooms: powerful B2B sales tools for the ‘new normal’

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted planning for sales events and trade fairs worldwide. Many physical trade shows that were postponed until the end of this year or early 2021 will need to be rescheduled again. As the second wave of the virus sweeps the world and countries find themselves in various degrees of lockdown, possibilities for physical fairs and face-to-face sales are extremely limited. And there is no clear view on when this situation will improve.

Yet this is not the time to abandon sales efforts. In fact, there is an opportunity, in the current circumstances, to profile your brand and products in a new light. “Let’s create a virtual fair or showroom!” is the clear advice of Vintage’s CEO, Claudia Voss.


“It’s a simple and effective way to keep your business going and it enhances your success and revenue.”


Vintage has been working intensively on setting up virtual fairs and showrooms that can provide the highest level of success, presence and sales. “Virtual fairs or showrooms are not new to us,” Claudia Voss continues, “but recently we have put lots of effort into investigating how we can further improve the user experience and the presentation of company and product information.”

Interactive experience

And with success! Claudia Voss explains: “We are proud of the results, which are all flagship projects in our portfolio. As an example, the virtual showroom for Daikin Europe welcomed hundreds of visitors shortly after it went live. You can walk around all the products, panels and screens and even enjoy a sensory experience. Extra information is provided about benefits and specs, along with images and links to datasheets. This data, together with translations into multiple languages, comes directly from Daikin’s own database. Screens and interactive tables enable visitors to watch presentations and videos. And this is only the beginning. More experiences will be added in the future.”

Interaction with existing databases

Based on recent experiences, we can say that virtual fairs and showrooms are proving to be even more powerful than their physical equivalents. They allow B2B companies to provide interactive content and to focus on specific markets and products depending on the occasion and target audience. They facilitate efficient interaction with potential clients and prospects, and they allow companies to address a larger audience 24/7, from any location. And, like the Daikin showroom, they can interact with existing databases to share information.

Virtual fairs also enable significant cost savings by eliminating the expenses of building a stand, allocating staff to oversee it, travel and overnight accommodation. As organisational expenses decrease, the profit margin increases. In addition, as the same basic setting can be reused for multiple occasions, there is a high return on investment. And the added value continues afterwards: virtual fairs and showrooms provide B2B companies with accurate data and statistics on visitor numbers, the products attracting most interest, and much more information that is useful for marketing and sales strategies.

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