Vintage Productions was prominently present at the largest sales enablement event of the year

On October 1st and 2nd, despite all the current COVID-19 restrictions, Showpad gathered more than 1.700 sales and marketing professionals from all over the world for the largest sales enablement event of the year: Transform 2020. As a physical event was not possible, like the 2019 edition in London and Chicago Showpad chose to go virtual instead. Of course, as a leading agency for digital communication and (3D) virtualization and as a long-time Showpad partner, Vintage Productions was present at Transform 2020 as one of the main sponsors.

Elevating sales enablement to revenue enablement

This year’s edition was centered around Elevating Enablement. Showpad no longer only calls itself a “sales enablement platform”. Since more recently, it turned in the direction of revenue enablement too. Thereby switching the focus of its platform from purely maximising sales, to maximising revenue during every step of the customer journey.

A fruitful partnership

Speaking of elevating sales and revenue enablement: that is precisely what the Vintage – Showpad partnership is all about. “Vintage and Showpad can already look back on a successful long-term cooperation”, Ellen, Account Director at Vintage, says, “Together we embarked on the journey to optimise our clients’ sales enablement and empower B2B companies with the right tools to support their sales staff.”

While Showpad takes care of the platform itself, Vintage creates value-added content which is largely interactive. The partnership is a win-win for our joint clients: they obtain a high-end sales tool and at the same time they benefit from the latest in 360° views, calculators, virtual reality apps and digital brochures. Vintage and Showpad: the best of both worlds!

A virtual booth

As a sponsor, Vintage Productions hosted a virtual booth during the time of event. In between the webinars, Transform attendees could visit us in the virtual expo hall. Booth visitors could get an exclusive sneak peak of what Vintage Productions has to offer. For the occasion, we produced an introductory video to showcase some of our best works.

Our Showpad compatible projects were most prominently showcased. Ranging from virtual stores and 3D models of products to e-learning apps and interactive brochures, our digital communication tools and virtualisation capabilities inspired Transform visitors to get more out of their sales enablement platforms.

Ready to elevate your enablement

Vintage Productions is looking forward to further elevating the sales and revenue enablement of its customers and develop new, innovative, marketing communication tools for – and together with – them.

Can’t wait to elevate your enablement? Contact Ellen to talk about all the possibilities for your company.