Vintage, a certified Showpad Solution Partner

Being the first award-winning content partner of Showpad, we are happy to announce that Vintage Productions is now a certified Showpad Solution Partner. Vintage Productions and Showpad have been offering multinationals Showpad compatible (interactive) content in HTML5 for a few years now. Ranging from attractive launch presentations to state-of-the-art 3D animations, Vintage can meet every client’s request for value-added content which is 100% Showpad compatible.

“Our clients are constantly in search of new interesting ways to talk about their products. Often the clients are the one who motivate both us and Showpad to find new ways of challenging the platform. How has our partnership enabled us to offer the best to clients?”

Ellen: Looking back, we first came into contact with Showpad through one of our clients, Atlas Copco. The platform was new to us at that moment and together we embarked on the journey to on the one hand optimise the current static content and on the other hand deliver it to the salespeople in the most user-friendly way. We built multiple applications ranging from 360° view apps, calculators, virtual reality apps to digital brochures. Atlas Copco has been a pioneer in that respect, always making use of the latest technologies and pushing us as well as Showpad to keep on innovating at all times. This has resulted in Vintage winning two Showpad SAM Excellence Awards last year.  Needless to say these two awards are the recognition of hard work and continuous innovation. At the same time they are a strong motivating factor for Vintage to stay ahead and together with Showpad focus even more on the future of 3D, interactive apps, virtual reality and augmented reality!

“New ideas often mean that developers are constantly challenged to make these ideas come true. We have been working with Showpad for years now and are constantly finding together innovative ways of using the platform. Can you tell us more about Vintage’s work with Showpad?”

Maarten: We are constantly in close contact with Showpad to get the most out of the platform. Using their SDK (Software Development Kit), we create powerful integrations between our apps and Showpad, or third-party applications like Salesforce. Developing this is rather easy, which allows us to focus on our core job: creating good interactive content. If we would need help, Showpad’s support team is always there, answering very fast, often literally within minutes.

Because of our partnership, Vintage gets access to new features before they get rolled out to the public. This means we can already work out ideas on how they can benefit our clients. We also regularly propose new ideas to Showpad, both functionally and technically, and brainstorm about how the platform can be improved. It’s in fact a win-win situation.

Want to learn more about our work with Showpad and about Showpad compatible content that we can create for you, CONTACT ELLEN.