Update your communication channels regularly to encourage repeat visits

Creating the right content is a vital first step for your website, application or social media campaign, but continuous attention is needed to ensure its success. Vintage provides content management services for several clients. Our editorial team is experienced in maintaining communication platforms with fresh and relevant content in a wide range of languages.

When we create a new website, app or other online tool, we establish a content plan as the basis for ongoing content management. The plan is an elaboration of the tool’s structure and specifies the type of content (text, image, animation and/or video) required for each section or page. While providing an essential framework, the content plan is flexible enough to allow for adaptations when required.

Our editors then work closely with our copywriters, graphic designers and 3D artists to make sure all content is prepared in the correct format and in line with the client’s expectations. When the master content is ready (usually in English), translations can be started up by Vintage or the client.

The next step is data input. Our editorial expertise spans several content management systems as well as other content formats such as JSON files. If a client already has another content application or system in place, we are happy to become experts in this as well! At Vintage we are used to working for multinational companies and our editors have the skills to confidently handle data in several languages. Following the input phase, they scrutinise the application closely in a test environment to make sure there are no gaps, typos or oversights, and to add any finishing touches.

After launching a tool online, you need to keep it alive by publishing updated content on a regular basis. Keeping your content fresh and relevant will increase your visibility, hold your visitors’ attention and encourage them to ‘check in’ from time to time. Search engines also ‘punish’ public websites that are not updated regularly. Maintaining websites and tools with news articles, blog posts and updated company and product information is an important part of our service to many clients. It involves daily checks by our editorial team, and notifications to the client when it’s time for an update.

We offer the same services for our clients’ social media channels, often maintaining a content calendar with updates spread over the year. In a good communication chain, social media updates spark attention and serve as a call to action, resulting in more visits to the company’s website… which must of course reflect the same updates.


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