The UI and UX for a website are as important as the architectural plans for a house

Effective UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design is essential when creating a website or online application. In the end, you want your tool to be self-explanatory and guide your customers towards the information they want in just a few steps. This is a task that requires specialist skills. Larendo van Gennip, Vintage’s UI/UX expert, explains why it is an important and enjoyable part of his daily work.

Why is UI/UX design important?

“The user interface and experience can make or break your website or online application. Most people think it is only about design, but it also requires the creation of a clear screen flow. The UI and UX for a website are as important as the architectural plans for a house. A nice UI attracts users and a user-friendly UX encourages them to come back frequently. And the more visitors like to use your website or tool, the higher the potential for new sales and leads for your company.”

How does Vintage work out a new UI/UX design?

“First we ask ourselves, “What is the purpose of the application, website or tool and why would visitors use it?” We investigate the content, target audience and our client’s brand guidelines. Then we put ourselves in the end-user’s shoes to understand what they already know, what they’re looking for, what they want to do and how they want to receive their information or execute a certain action.

This user journey helps us to define which screens are necessary and how they can be integrated into a logical structure and flow. Afterwards, we think about the essential clicks per page in order to build up a clear, convenient navigation for both desktop and mobile devices. As well as these functional aspects, a good UI design follows the company’s corporate identity so that everyone can see immediately which brand the website or application belongs to.

Whether it is for a small application or a large website, the objective remains the same: the user interface and experience need to help visitors become familiar with using the tool.”

What do you like most about your job as a UI/UX designer?

“The fact that I learn new things with every project. I have followed several UI/UX design courses but the most important skills are the ones you acquire when actually creating. Every project is different. UI/UX design is not an exact science. What also attracts me is that it’s a continuous job: I like to analyse the visitor tracking of a new website or application to identify possible improvements and make it grow even further.”

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