System integration: building bridges to make your workflow easier

Many of you are already familiar with Vintage’s expertise in developing business-critical and interactive tools and applications. But what about clients who already have multiple applications and websites in place? The good news is that, as well as building new platforms, we specialise in integrating them with the existing setup in order to streamline our clients’ workflows and save them time and costs.

“Most of our clients already using systems like Pardot and Salesforce, or product management tools,” explains Maarten Huybrighs, Commtech Director at Vintage. “Therefore, we always develop our applications to be compatible with other systems. In other words, we make sure our applications can speak to other systems in their language.”

This system integration works in both directions. “For instance, a client’s existing tools may contain customer data that we can reuse for user management  in applications like Amplifier, our e-learning platform,” Maarten continues, “or they may hold product information that clients want to reproduce in the interactive brochures and apps that we develop. At the same time, it is logical that the data our applications generate on new leads and prospects should be stored in the client’s own CRM system.”

The approach has numerous benefits for clients, explains Maarten: “They can continue working with the systems they are familiar with. They can maintain their information from a single data source but deploy it through multiple output channels. Reusing the information makes the company’s workflows easier and more efficient. And in the end, that saves them considerable time and costs.”

Award-winning technology

As an example, Maarten refers to a recent project for Desotec, in which Vintage successfully integrated its  Showpad Experience app with Salesforce. “This is a true flagship for fully-fledged integration and customer-centricity,” he explains, “Using the Showpad SDK (Software Development Kit), we created an app ensuring powerful integration between the two tools. It presents content in a market-specific way and enables the client to prepare budget estimates, send assets and store prospect and client information directly in Salesforce.” The project was presented jointly by Maarten and Desotec, during a breakout session at Showpad’s Transform 2019 event in London and won a prestigious SAM award!

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