Are you speaking the language of your customers? Offering multilingual content generates sales

English is the most used corporate language throughout the world. In a globalised, multilingual European society, the use of English is a common denominator for businesspeople. The same is true for the biggest globaliser of all: the internet.

The majority of online content is still provided in English but of course, English is far from the only language used in European markets, let alone worldwide. Content provided in other languages is growing fast online. Much faster than the amount of content in English.

Easy to understand, easy to buy

The reason behind this growth is simple: people like to be spoken to in their native language. Consumers prefer to read content in their mother tongue. More importantly, they like to buy products in their own language. According to a survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory, 56% of consumers find the availability of product information in their own language more important than price when looking to buy something.

On top of that, multilingual communication and marketing will help you reach new markets and expand your target audience. This will increase your visibility and increase the number of people that read your content and visit your website, which will ultimately lead to more sales. Not because of an expensive new business plan. No, simply because you help them understand everything about your company and your products completely.

As you can see, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is an important characteristic of today’s successful organisations.

A multilingual approach for maximum reach

At Vintage, a multilingual approach is one of the corner stones of every communication tool that we provide. We often start from an English master version, but we always make sure that translations can be added easily in the future. For example, when developing a tool, we make sure that the design can be adapted for larger or smaller texts because some languages – like German or Russian – need more words to express things than others. For the development of a website, we make sure that translations can easily be added into the CMS system.

Vintage will help you with the translation of your communication tool. We can either manage the input of translations delivered by you, or we can take care of the full translation process. In case of the latter we do not just translate your content, we localise it. We consider the cultural views of the local audience during the translation process.

Are you ready to expand your reach and improve your sales numbers? CONTACT ELLEN  to find out how we can help you communicate in multiple languages.