Social media marketing: creating an appetite for your product

Social media marketing is an essential in any company’s sales strategy. This is especially true at a time when opportunities for physical events and sales meetings are severely curtailed. In today’s circumstances, social media can provide extra exposure, generate leads and drive traffic to your website. At Vintage, we help our clients to take full advantage of this powerful resource by planning an effective calendar for their campaign, creating and publishing the right content to create appetite for their products and following up the response.

Building a social media content calendar involves much more than planning publication dates for a list of posts. At Vintage, we start by refining the key message, analysing content published by competitors and other market players and discussing how we can spark the interest of the target audience. The resulting calendar therefore comprises a good balance of target-relevant topics, logically structured and carefully scheduled to reach their audience at the most appropriate time. The overall aim is to catch the target’s attention, hold it and keep building brand and product awareness.

The next step in the process is to create and release content that is attractive and engaging. Attention spans are short on social media: readers are not interested in a repetition or summary of a company or product brochure. Our social media campaigns go deeper, translating benefits into ‘hooks’ designed to catch the eye and entice scrollers to stop, read, like and share.

Of course, achieving this involves considerable expertise, not just on the product involved but on how to design and tailor the most effective content for different social media platforms. This typically involves infographics, animations and videos, accompanied by short, punchy copy that addresses the target reader personally. It also means including a clear call to action to generate leads and drive traffic to the company’s website.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in social media marketing is the speed at which it evolves. What’s trending today may well be out of date by tomorrow. This means that accurate follow-up is key for a successful campaign. Once a post is live, we monitor the response to it and look out for opportunities to maximise its effect with extra tweaks or edits. We also summarise our findings and recommendations in clear, comprehensive reports for our clients. This means that each social media campaign is a dynamic process with the flexbility to adapt to changing visitor statistics and new circumstances.

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