Showcase your products in their actual environment, even online

How do you as a company present your products to potential customers? A showcase in an actual setting is surely the most convincing way. Even digitally, if a physical sales talk is difficult. Vintage is experienced in building 3D environments and products which look exactly like a real-life situation and are integrated in an easy-to-use sales app that highlights all product benefits and features. An app which can be made available on different platforms such as Showpad, making it an essential part of your salesteam’s toolkit.

Even long before the Covid-19 pandemic, Vintage developed Experience apps for some clients which start out with a 3D visual of a city, or any other environment, and include hotspots on the different buildings and locations where the client’s products operate. Once a hotspot is selected, a 3D zoom animation leads the user to a particular building or location. This view shows the suitable products as well as their application possibilities. A detail page per product presents benefits & features, specs, images, a 360° rotating product view, and links to datasheets, movies, (sales) presentations and social media channels.

The app can be offered in multiple languages and can be made available on the web or via any other sales platform. This way, it also tracks visitor statistics which enable us to learn valuable lessons and to further improve the user experience. The app, which can be expanded, can also be used for sales and product training and can be linked with existing product and content management systems. Serving different purposes and bringing together existing data, the app is surely a cost-effective marketing and communication tool!

TK Elevator Cityscape

A recent example is the Cityscape app for TK Elevator, which was launched last month. It brings an attractive overview to the wide range of TK Elevator’s products and solutions for different buildings and applications. The app presents product features & benefits, images, specs and a 360° product view. It is available via Showpad and links to applicable assets for each product. Matthias Hoppstock, Senior Manager Digital Sales Enablement for the European market at TK Elevator, explains why the app is an essential sales tool for his company.

The TKE Cityscape app is available now for a couple of weeks. What was the first response?
Matthias Hoppstock: “The first impression was outstanding! And not just with our sales teams. Our colleagues from marketing were also very enthusiastic about the solution-focused approach. By focusing more on segments and solutions for specific building types and less on pure products, we put our salespeople in a position to speak about solutions for real customer problems and needs.”


What was the initial reason for TKE to start the search for such an app?
Matthias Hoppstock: “In fact, a variety of factors were key influencers for us to consider the development of a custom-built app. In addition to the solution-based approach, a much more immersive, interactive experience to better engage with prospects was certainly one reason. Another reason was the accessibility of our content for different country markets. Unlike before, the new app now allows us to export content, translate it automatically, and scale it much faster. Ultimately, we gain significantly more control over our content and its distribution, promoting a consistent look and feel for our brand.”


What are the goals for this app? How do you think it will help the salesforce?
Matthias Hoppstock: “In the end it’s about serving prospects the right content at each step of the process to win new customers. With the possibility to display our technically complex products three-dimensionally, to rotate them and to focus on details, we make complex things simple, and very visual. Together with the deep knowledge of our sales teams concerning typical customer challenges, this adds value in every customer interaction. And the more relevant content our sales reps have at their disposal, the better prepared they’ll be to effectively approach prospects, build trust, and eventually close a deal.”


How will you promote the app?
Matthias Hoppstock: “Part of our internal promotion has actually already taken place in parallel with the launch of two new products, our momentum 200 and 300 high-rise elevators, where the app was presented in a virtual event to all our sales reps. Additionally, we are conducting training sessions with our sales teams to walk them through the new experience. And last but not least, the new app has been part of our extensive marketing communication, that accompanied the whole product launch with several newsletters.”

Thank you Matthias for your feedback, and many thanks to you and your team for the nice collaboration on this project !


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