For sale: irresistible tagline, never used

Good copy is an essential driving force for your B2B sales campaign. Working in harmony with the right image, a well-crafted animation or the right interactive content, an appealing headline and a memorable slogan will ‘hook’ your target customers and persuade them to click further.

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Widely attributed to Ernest Hemingway, this memorable ‘six-word novel’ is an example of great storytelling. It expresses emotion, is deeply personal and provides context, all in one sentence.

It also illustrates the power of good copy to build a business. At the most obvious level, it enhances your image and influences how customers see you and your products. But effective copy also enables you to create personal connections with your targets by addressing them directly, using their own language. A good copywriter will take the time to understand the image that you want to portray and will have the skills to reflect that image through tone and language.

Of course, this requires not only excellent writing skills, but also extensive knowledge of your brand and the products and solutions you sell. It is about using the exact words needed to capture and hold attention, and about tailoring those words for the medium, whether that be a printed flyer or an interactive sales app. Good sales copy may range from factual to teasing, depending on the audience and purpose. In every case, it must be clear, to-the-point and an invitation to read.

At Vintage, we have a team of experienced, native-speaker copywriters in different languages. They all have a passion for knowledge and enjoy digging into the details of technical and complex subjects to clarify the message and refine the story. They put themselves in the shoes of the target customer and become familiar with their needs and expectations. Only after this vital preparation do they begin to write. The final result is always a powerful concept that is applied consistently through all communication channels to reinforce your brand and create strong, lasting connections with your customers.

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