Rich content, easy to update, cost-efficient and cross-platform: interactive brochures upgrade your marketing & sales strategy

Vintage Productions was a pioneer in the development of interactive brochures. Used on the web as well as on multiple devices and sales platforms, our digital brochures have proven to be an essential tool in the hands of our clients’ salespeople.

Interactive brochures enrich the user experience and can contain digital content such as videos, 3D animations, 360° rotating product views and configurators. In comparison to printed material, they allow you to tell much more in a more efficient and attractive way. By including a clear selection at the start, you can also provide a customised version that displays only the information that is relevant for your target, giving them the feeling of being addressed personally.

Fast and accurate communication is vital in a world where time is of the essence. Vintage’s interactive brochures come with a user-friendly content management system where all information can be kept up to date and can be translated into any left-to-right language. Unlike their printed counterparts, interactive brochures don’t require logistical handling or transport and are immediately available to your target audience, wherever they may be.

Nowadays, digital communication isn’t limited to the web. In line with the continuous growth of sales and communication channels, Vintage’s interactive brochures can be integrated to your website and can also be applied on numerous devices and sales platforms, including Showpad.

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