Promote your brand with an award-winning animation!

Imagine being stopped in your tracks by eye-catching images and sequences, enhanced with the right visual effects, perfectly synced with a compelling, dynamic soundtrack. No, it’s not the Oscars. It’s your new (potentially award-winning) corporate or product movie. And it starts at Vintage with a team of experienced motion designers with the skills to create the “wow effect” you want.

With the growth of social media and other video-friendly online and mobile platforms, B2B companies are increasingly taking advantage of videos and animations as an effective, cost-efficient way to tell their sales story and engage their targets.

Video and animated content with the right music, effects and, if appropriate, voiceover, is a powerful tool for captivating attention and creating an emotional connection. Videos have high stopping power on social media and serve as a call to action, driving traffic to your website. They communicate your message clearly in a simple, memorable way, requiring no effort from the user, and can be used on different platforms for varying purposes.

Differentiate your brand and tell your story

At Vintage, we have a team of motion designers with the creative talent and expertise to bring together a concept, storyboard, static and 3D visuals, and the perfect choice of music into a thrilling experience that will make your company stand out from the rest.

Their creations can explain a complex story in a way that is understandable for every viewer and that clearly demonstrates the features and benefits for the target audience.

Check out some of the masterpieces in our portfolio: ThyssenKrupp and Knauf

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